Northumberland   Community Curling Club

Northumberland Community Curling Club 

Fee Schedule

Full Membership

  •  Member - $353.00 - due on or before the start of the year (end of October). Two post-dated cheque payment option is available ($176.50, dated end of October and January 2). 

  • Introductory Member -new curler to NCCC-$246.00

Associate Membership

  • Once a Week - $261.00 

  • Snowbird: Oct 30 - Jan 15 - $261.00

  • Post-secondary Student -  $174.00              

  • Learn-to-Curl - 8 weeks instruction - $80.00

  • Social - $36.00

  • Pay as you Play  $16 per game is available to non-members

 Pricing includes HST


Lockers are available at time of registration on a first come first served basis - annual fee of $25



Come on out and Participate - it's great fun!!!

Release of Liability Waiver

To be completed by all Learn to Curl participants

Pace of Play

Pay attention to the time to ensure that that you can complete all ends of the game!

Ice Maintenance

Please be mindful to keep the ice clean and in good condition - we all benefit